We wish to make this an opportunity for the unfortunate victims of tsunami and earthquake that took place on March 11th to take their first step towards carrying on with their normal lives. Although the sadness and sufferings of the victims affected are beyond our imagination, it is a fact that after any perseverance of simply "living", there is always hope and happiness at the end.
We would like to make this an opportunity for us to reassure something as easy as this which we all knew.

This is why we would like to have firework performances along the Pacific coast of Japan this summer to remind everyone of the original meaning the fireworks hold; a memorial to the victims and relief.

We are now working together with people and local governments who have agreed to share the thoughts and wishing to help us. However, we still need to accelerate this movement by involving more people to actualize this project.
Please help us with your donation if you agreed this project.


Date : August 11th, 2011
Location : Miyako-shi / Iwate
Yamada-machi / Iwate
Otsuchi-cho / Iwate
Kamaishi-shi / Iwate
Ofunato-shi / Iwate
Kesennuma-shi / Miayagi
Tagajo-shi / Miyagi
Minamisoma-shi / Fukushima
Aidumisato-cho / Fukushima
Iwaki-shi / Fukushima
Organizer : LIGHT UP NIPPON Executive Committee
Cooperate : Junior Chamber International Japan
Iwate Bloc Council, Miyagi Bloc Council,
Fukushima Bloc Council
Support : Japan Tourism Agency
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Japan Fisheries Agency
Miyagi-ken, Tagajo-shi, Tokyo-to, Kyoto-shi, Takeo-shi
Embassy of the United States in Japan
Embassy of South Korea in Japan
Korean Cultural Center
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan
Embassy of France in Japan




It would be greatly appreciated if you could give your kind donation so that we could launch as many fireworks in as many sites in Tohoku as possible.
Please select the number of unit and click "Pay Now" button to proceed. Credit cards can be used.

One unit: $10  / Deadline: August 11th, 2011

All of your kind donation will be used for LIGHT UP NIPPON project only. After the project is completed, an accounting report will be shown on this web site.


$30 will provide one standard sized firework that goes up 100meters high and opens in a circle of 100 meters in diameter.

$100 will provide one large sized firework that goes up 200 meters high and opens in a circle of 150 meters in diameter.

$500 will provide one extra-large sized firework that goes up 300meters high and opens in a circle of 280 meters in diameter.


Thank you very much for your donation. Please join our virtual fireworks* by drawing your original firework. Also, please give us your message to the affected areas by the earthquake. Your firework & message will be displayed on a supporters section of our site (Japanese page).


*The virtual fireworks will take place every day from 19:00 local time in Japan and your firework will light up the virtual sky of our top page (Japanese page).


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact us.

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